Making the most out of small spaces

small spacessmall spaces
small spacessmall spaces

Making the most out of small spaces

Are you living in a place that has a tiny backyard or small balcony and feel like it needs some sprucing up? Granny Mouse has some super smart ideas on how to make your smaller areas more welcoming. Sean Granger, General Manager of Granny Mouse Country House & Spa states “even the most compact spaces can be arranged in a way that makes them both functional and more enjoyable to be in.

We know that not everyone has the luxury of acres of ground to play with. And, let's face it, small spaces can feel uninspiring at first. Being presented with a blank patio or tiny balcony can leave us wondering what to do and where to start,” he adds.

The good news is that any space, no matter how big or small, is full of opportunity. In fact, it's easier than you might think to create your own mini paradise, extend your living area, and it’s often cheaper and easier to maintain.

Whatever the shape of your garden, zoning is a great way to add visual interest and functionality. One can look at creating distinct zones using soft hedging, decking ideas, light paving slabs, and/or decorative stones. Setting decking boards horizontally to the paving helps to widen the space as well.

If you've only got a tiny patio to play with, don't worry. There are plenty of vertical garden ideas you can try, including the addition of a living wall which is a smart way to make a small space feel full of greenery and more welcoming.

Look out for hanging planters which you can fill with herbs, flowers, or even vegetables and it’s easy to install. The planters definitely soften any harsh grey areas.

Lining a wall with trees growing in pots also helps break up plain spaces and is definitely lovely to look at. As well as offering a screen, it is also very good for the soul.

There are hundreds of ideas to make your lifestyle area more welcoming, and small spaces can be just as much fun to create.

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