RMS reveals GenConnect solution to revolutionize cost recovery

Lee Ferreira - Operational and Maintenance Solution Owner - RMS
Lee Ferreira - Operational and Maintenance Solution Owner - RMS

Image Caption: Lee Ferreira, Operational and Maintenance Solution Owner at RMS.


Revolutionising Generator Cost Recovery: RMS Reveals GenConnect Solution

Remote Metering Solutions (RMS), the largest privately-owned supplier of utility metering technology in South Africa, announced the launch of GenConnect, a generator cost recovery solution designed to revolutionise energy management in buildings.

In the wake of Nersa's 18.65% electricity cost increase this year, and the ongoing challenges of load shedding, GenConnect will address the critical need for fair and transparent billing in landlord-tenant relations. Supplementing grid energy with diesel generators adds a layer of complexity to billing and cost recovery. Recognising this challenge, RMS is proud to announce the expansion of their solution offering with GenConnect, an innovative solution designed to manage these complexities.

The solution is founded on the principle of actionable intelligence, enabling users to optimise their generators proactively. This innovative system provides detailed insights into generator performance and fuel efficiency, ensuring uninterrupted operations, substantial cost savings, and an extended asset lifespan.

GenConnect addresses various critical challenges in generator cost recovery, notably the intricacies of billing and cost recovery associated with supplemental generator use. RMS has effectively addressed the issue of generator billing and cost recovery through a fully automated process, eliminating human errors. This not only mitigates the risks of financial loss and tenant dissatisfaction caused by incorrect billing but also eliminates the time-consuming and error-prone manual tasks of data collection and analysis.

“By leveraging RMS’ GenConnect, we are transforming the energy landscape. This solution empowers our clients to measure key metrics, enabling a deeper understanding of the energy demands of their tenants and the corresponding impact on expenses,” explains Lee Ferreira, Operational and Maintenance Solution Owner at RMS.

GenConnect monitors various parameters, including mains and generator status, output voltage and current, frequency, run-time, power, fuel efficiency, engine speed, and battery voltage. Additionally, using GenConnect Fuel+, users gain access to additional features such as a calibrated fuel probe for precise fuel management, GPS tracking, fuel event monitoring, and data sharing with diesel suppliers.

Why partner with RMS?

RMS supplies best-practice end-to-end utility metering technology and utility recovery solutions and services. Partnering with RMS brings several benefits:

  • Expertise in converting consumption data into actionable intelligence.
  • Automated solutions for generator billing and cost recovery.
  • Capability to manage complex energy sources including grid, generators, and PV through smart metering.
  • Integration with other systems like generator controllers for fresh insights.
  • Advanced generator fuel management.
  • Scalable and configurable solutions tailored for virtually any requirement.


Using GenConnect, landlords will benefit from accurate cost recovery and improved tenant relationships. For their part, tenants will enjoy fair cost allocation and better control over electricity expenses.

For further information and consultation, contact our team to embark on a journey towards equitable and sustainable utility management.

Lee Ferreira (Operational and Maintenance Solution Owner)





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About Remote Metering Solutions

Remote Metering Solutions (RMS) is a technology company based in South Africa that specialises in utilising data to provide actionable intelligence. We specialise in utility management, sustainability, and building systems.

RMS has been in operation since 2003 and has grown to become the largest privately owned supplier of utility metering technology in South Africa. The company provides services to over 2,300 retail, office, and industrial properties, as well as more than 12,000 residential customers and several local councils and municipalities. RMS aims to provide solutions and expertise that can help manage the increasingly complex energy landscape, while also helping clients reduce energy costs and disclose carbon emissions.

With offices in South Africa, Australia, and Canada, RMS has a global presence and manages properties in South Africa and other SADC countries The company has a 20-year track record of helping its clients recover over R5 billion in utilities annually. RMS is proud to have more than 340 staff members with diverse skill sets and has been the preferred provider for over 75% of listed property funds for more than a decade.

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